Custom-built heavy duty trucks and trailers

Custom-made Vacuum-Tank-Trucks and Vacuum–Jetting-Flushing-Trucks

Vacuum Tank Trucks

Custom-built Water-Tank-Trucks. Capacity: 3000 to 30000 ltr.

Water Tank Trucks

Custom-built water tank truck for high-pressure cleaning of technology road inlets, sewer connections and sewer pipes

High Pressure Flushing Truck

Tank superstructure for transportation of diesel fuel and petrol (gasoline)

Diesel Tank Truck

Special custom-built service truck with workshop container and lubrication equipment.

Service and Lube Truck

Special fuel tanker and lub truck for off-road application and rough off-road areas.

Fuel Tanker Lube Truck

Garbage Compactor Trucks. These trucks are for the safe and efficient collection of waste.

Garbage Compactor

Heavy duty trailer and semi-trailer, lowboys, tank semitrailer, vac semi-trailer. Made in Germany and Made in Europe.

Tipper Trucks & Trailers

Mercedes-Benz all-terrain truck chassis built up as service truck with knuckle boom crane and workshop container.

Service Truck with Crane

Please contact us if you are searching an experienced and reliable manufacturer for commercial trucks and trailers. Our production sites are in Germany and we are specialized in providing top quality heavy duty vehicles for the markets outside of Europe.

German quality craftsmanship and progressive technology combined with our desire to build in our products as less as possible electronic components ensure constant reliability and maintainability for many years.

Our clients appreciate our endeavours to understand their business objectives and specific requirements and to propose adequate technical solutions.